Mission/ Vision

Our Vision

• To evolve as a premier Engineering and Management institute in the country.
• To spread global education by inculcating discipline, values and knowledge into the young minds of India and mould them into enlightened citizens of the nation.
• To impart absolute professionalism in thought and practices of our young minds.
• To envisage future challenges in technical as well as management field at National and International level.
• To promote research and development culture to transform India from developing to developed country.
• To shape competent Engineers and Managers who can become leaders of the Indian Industrial and Economic Growth and strive ahead of the intense global competition.

Our Mission

“Education is the spinal chord of any country. A great nation is so called when its citizens are well educated and civilized.”
The visionary late Mr. M.M Agrawal materialized his vision and dream in founding “IshwarchandVidyaSagar Institute of Technology” with the view-point given below:
• To fulfill the need of vocational and technical education.
• To form an educational hub to support the economy through employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge transfer, research and development.
• To develop passion to excel professionally.
• To create a spirit, to be of at most use to the industry, corporate sector and the society at large.
• To synergize knowledge, technology and human resource & to impart the best quality of education in Technology and Management disciplines. In the process, education is made more objective to increase employability on a continued basis.
• To groom the professionals who would carry forward the spirit of scientific thinking and work for the progress of our country and humanity in general.