Our Director

Director’s Message

Dear Student,

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.”
– Joseph Addison

“Students today are competing in a rapidly changing world. Simply covering the curriculum alone is not enough. At IVS we equip our students with both a first-rate education and the necessary skill sets to ensure that they stand out in today’s world”.

Not long ago, education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. Today, education is much more than that – after all, if it is just knowledge that you are after, there is enough of it and more on the World Wide Web. It has been estimated that the entire body of knowledge is doubling about every three years. To keep pace with this explosive growth is quite impossible.

The programs that we offer have been crafted with the same care and devotion that an artist bestows to a painting or a musician to a lyric. The people who deliver the programs are among the finest you are likely to come across anywhere. The leadership is truly visionary and inspirational. Together, these form a formidable combination that can shape your careers and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I wish to highlight our principle which has always been service to the Academic world with 4D’s i.e. Discipline, Diligence, Dignity and Dedication. The word “Zeitgeist” Means “Spirit of the time”. Our Group stands for this in principle and practice.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the institute.